Six Sense-Women in Sight (Korean Movie)

Six Sense-Women in Sight (Korean Movie)

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Info Movie

  • Title: Six Sense-Women in Sight
  • Genre: Romance, Drama, Adult Movie
  • Year: 2020
  • Cast: Jin Joo, Sul A, Sae Bom, Jun Chun Hoo
  • Country: Korea

  • Sinopsis Six Sense-Women in Sight:

    Sixth Sense: Breaking Women (2019) Young-jun, a man who has experienced near-death experiences... One day, I suddenly hear a phone call next door and... I fall into confusion. Clear your mind and listen to the sound wall. Then, without knowing it, he passes through the wall and enters Soo-ae's room. I'm startled and panicked... Such a figure is invisible to Soo-ae's eyes. Young-joon, who returned to his room again, concentrates on his thoughts, thinks and concentrates on the scene he dreamed of... he realizes that he can move to the place he wants by moving the space and can read the other's thoughts as well. Young-joon learns that she has the ability and reads the women's psychology and inner mind and begins meeting women...

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