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  • Title: Watching, Private Sex Lesson
  • Genre: Romance, Drama, Adult Movie
  • Year: 2020
  • Cast: Han Ga-in, Lee Chae-dam, Ahn Min-woo, Gangseo
  • Country: Korea
  • Sinopsis Watching, Private Sex Lesson:

    Watching, Sex Tutoring (2020) Seeing Lee Bul! A special class of a female student, not a teacher, begins. Mijin, who was Chaeyoung's tutoring tutor in high school. His extracurricular skills are the best, but he is in a position to receive special tutoring from Chae-young, his student, as much as for sex. Chae-young's indecisive boyfriend, Jae-min, asks her to experience various women and arranges a meeting with Mi-jin, but even for her old age, Mi-jin, the young and unskilled Jae-min is not so good. Unlike her mother's idea of ​​getting married to a rich family instead of getting a job, Chae-young rushes out her desires and enjoys her daily life. Mijin is a better event street for Chaeyoung. When Mijin asks Chaeyoung to learn in-depth learning with a more unusual stimulus, one day Chaeyoung makes a secret proposal to Mijin. Min-woo, an older man with whom he is dating, and one night at the spectator club.. Now, the desires of the two women are getting out of control..

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