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A good housekeeper - KOREAN MOVIE

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  • Title: A good housekeeper
  • Genre: Romance, Drama, Adult Movie
  • Year: 2020
  • Cast: Choi Ji-ah, Kim Dong-jun, Lee Sae-bom
  • Country: Korea
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    Sinopsis A good housekeeper:

    The Good Maid (2020) Movie Replay Sang-woo, who spent the last night being teased by Hye-ran, heads home in a bad mood. Sang-woo, who hasn't been home for a long time, is surprised to see a woman (Ji-eun) she's never seen doing housework. Ji-eun introduces herself to Sang-woo, saying that she has become a housekeeper. Sang-woo is pleased with Ji-eun's open and decent appearance, but is disappointed after seeing her father's lover as well. Then one day, while his father was having a love affair with Ji-eun, he died of Boksangsa, and Sang-woo became like an orphan.

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