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Private Tutor Advanced Course - KOREAN MOVIE

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Info Movie

  • Title: Private Tutor Advanced Course
  • Genre: Romance, Drama, Adult Movie
  • Year: 2020
  • Cast: Yechang Heo, Eunseo Ji, Hyejin Kim, Jungwoo Go, Hyunjung Park, Dayeon Song
  • Country: Korea
  • Sinopsis Private Tutor Advanced Course:

    Individual Professor: Intensive Learning (Drama, Romance, 2016) The girl next door becomes my own special tutoring teacher! “I will teach you. Real skills to excite a woman!” Seongjin, a'theory expert' who learned about women through writing, feels thrilling every time she sees her supervisor, Mi-ae. However, Mi-ae ignores Seong-jin's courtship by asking her to eat more milk from her mother. In a frustrated heart, Seong-jin confides on Mi-ae to the new novelist Yeon-hwa, who has moved next door. Surprisingly, Yeon-Hwa starts a systematic practical lecture from kissing to sex, saying that she will tell her about women.