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Bad Sex The Day I Was Hit By Him (2020) KOREAN MOVIE

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Info Movie

  • Title: Bad Sex The Day I Was Hit By Him
  • Genre: Romance, Drama, Adult Movie
  • Year: 2020
  • Cast: Wanjin Cho, Minjung Lee, Kangsun Yoon, Jinkyung Lee
  • Country: KOREA
  • Sinopsis Bad Sex The Day I Was Hit By Him:

    Bad Sex: The Day He Struck (2020) Movie Replays After marriage, the married couple Soo-yeon and Sang-woo became weak. Husband Sang-woo tells his wife that he's coming late for work, but it turns out that he secretly meets another woman and has an affair. Su-yeon, who is not loved by her husband, laments her situation. The next day, Sang-woo brings his subordinate Jung-hoon to the house. Together, we congratulate Sangwoo for promotion in advance. Sang-woo, who is drunk with alcohol, first goes to the room to sleep, and Su-yeon and Jeong-hoon remain alone to drink. However, Jung-hoon suddenly threatens Su-yeon, saying that Sang-woo may leave the company without being promoted, and demands a price...