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Tasty Aunt (2020) KOREAN MOVIE

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Info Movie

  • Title: Tasty Aunt
  • Genre: Romance, Drama, Adult Movie
  • Year: 2020
  • Cast: Sangwoo, Sae Bom, Lee Yoojung, Siwoo
  • Country: KOREA
  • Sinopsis Tasty Aunt:

    Ga-yeon visits Minjae's house, where she lived alone. Ga-yeon decides to live in Minjae's house as a crush. Minjae is curious about Ga-yeon, who hasn't seen it in a long time. One day, Gunsu meets Ga-yeon while going to Minjae's house to get things. Ga-yeon seduces Geon-su as it is. Minjae finds out the fact by making a phone call with Geonsu. Dahae meets with Minjae and Sekpa and makes frequent contact. Minjae gets angry at the number of cases in her house wearing only underwear. Gayeon comes out to meet her friend Dahae after a long time. Ga-yeon and Da-hae, who had been drinking, meet with Min-jae after seeing the number of cases. That night, Min-jae gets drunk and loves Ga-yeon, and finds out that the number of cases is not a relationship with Min-jae. The next day, Ga-yeon knows the relationship between Dahae and Gunsu and brings four people together..